30A PWM LCD Display Solar Charge Controller Regulator with USB Port 12V/24V Autoswitch

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Key Features
Wide Application
Suitable for solar power system,mostly be applied for motorhome, boat, water pump, shed, indoor and outdoor activties are all available.
LCD Display
This solar charge controller comes with a LCD display that can clearly indicate the working status and operating data, it can be conveniently switched modes and parameter configuration.
Multiple Protection
Build-in short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection, reverse protection,over-load protection.It will be much safer when using wherever in industrial or commercial accassions.
Easy to Install and Operate
Connect the battery first and then connect the solar panel finally connect the load. The reverse order applies when disassemble. Make sure the battery voltage is above 10.8V.
Battery Type
The charge regulator is not only suitable for lead-acid batteries: OPEN, AGM, GEL, but also suitable for lithium batteries.

Package Includes
1x 30A PWM LCD Solar Charge Controller

30A PWM LCD Solar Charge Controller
Max Charging Current: 30A
Max Loading Current: 30A
Rated Voltage: 12/24V
Floating Charge Voltage: 13.7V/27.6V
Cut-off Voltage of Discharge: 10.7V/21V
Discharge Recovery Voltage: 12.6V/25V
Self-consume: <15mA
USB Output: 5V/2A
Operating temperature: -20~+60℃
Install hole size: 124*50mm
Size/Weight: 138*85*30mm/150g
Battery Type:AGM/GEL/Lithium batteries

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