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12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

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·10-year Life & 3000+ Cycles: Eco-Worthy's 100ah LiFePO4 battery contains 3000+ cycle times, each lithium battery can run for more than 10 years, which is equivalent to 3 lead-acid batteries.
·High Charging Speed: Eco-Worthy's 100ah LiFePO4 battery can reach 80% of power after one-hour charge, Under the same condition, the lead acid battery can only reach 20%. In the case of limited charging time, choosing a lithium battery can get enough energy faster.
·Lightweight & Easy Installation: Eco-Worthy's 100ah LiFePO4 battery is lighter than Lead-Acid battery with the same capacity. Our 100ah LiFePO4 battery weight is 22.93 lbs, only 1/3 of Lead-Acid battery. More convenient carrying, any mount directions, no leakage risk, safer usage.
·Capacity Expansion: Eco-Worthy's 100ah LiFePO4 battery can be connected in parallel and in series for larger capacity and voltage. Up to 4 identical batteries can be mounted as a series string as a 48V battery bank, and you can connect multiple batteries in parallel, while we suggest no more than 4pcs.
·Multiple Applications: Eco-Worthy's 100ah LiFePO4 lithium battery is perfect for UPS backup, lighting, TV, e-Robot, loud speaker, coffeemaker, air conditioner, fridge, heater, etc.
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ECO-WORTHY LiFePO4 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts 8 times longer than a sealed lead acid battery, no maintenance, extremely safe and very low toxicity for environment. Our line of LiFePO4 offer a solution to demanding applications that require a lighter weight, longer life and higher capacity battery.

Customer Reviews

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Tadeusz Romanowski

Quick delivery. Battery is working. Can't say anything yet.

Alexander Moody
Great Piece Of Kit

I bought this to replace our caravan leisure battery, and the difference between the two batteries is amazing. The LiFePO4 is smaller and lighter, by nearly 15kg, and feels much better put together. This is going to make a big difference to our payload weights and hopefully will give us years of service.

Excellent 100Ah battery

Well made, well packaged and provides high current output without any problem. Charges fine from solar panel. Good price. Don't bother with adding posts - the M8 terminals are small, neat and secure.

Ole Gjerstad
Early days

Only cycled it 6 times but so far happy

Fantastic Customer Service and follow up

Had an excellent experience with EcoWorthy - I developed an issue with my battery and they very quickly arranged a replacement unit for me, with zero delay and I'm back on the road. Team were most helpful - thanks once again. JA