Bright Future of Photovoltaic Power

Bright Future of Photovoltaic Power

As with many industrial transitions, the emergence of solar PV was aided by government investment. This occurred first through R&D, and then the creation of a stable investment climate, as Germany did with the creation of the energy transition over the last 15 years.

Renewable Energy – Recast to 2030 (RED II)

In November 2016, the European Commission published its ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ initiative. As part of this package, the Commission adopted a legislative proposal for a recast of the Renewable Energy Directive. In the context of the co-decision procedure, a final compromise text among the EU institutions was agreed in June 2018. In December 2018, the revised renewable energy directive 2018/2001/EU entered into force.

OVERALL TARGET--In RED II, the overall EU target for Renewable Energy Sources consumption by 2030 has been raised to 32%.

European countries publish positive policy to respond RED II, for example, The Italian state has long been attentive to the production of sustainable energy to meet the national objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. For this reason, it has provided an incentive for photovoltaics which is configured as a tax relief that helps citizens to amortize and reduce the cost of installing a photovoltaic system and is a proactive stimulus in the choice of switching to energy from RES (Sources of Renewable Energy) for domestic consumption.

Budget Law 2020: deductions for photovoltaics confirmed

The 2020 Budget Law of 12/30/2019 extends Home Bonuses active already during 2019 in the field of energy efficiency until December 31, 2020.

Among these we find the Restructuring Bonus , the tax deduction identified by Presidential Decree 917/86 art. 16.bis , intended for restoration, conservative rehabilitation and renovation of one's home, including interventions for energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources . For the installation of photovoltaic solar systems in the home, the tax concessions provided for by the legislation consist of a 50% personal income tax deduction, which also include any energy storage device.

More and more people living in different countries and areas initiate searching for photovoltaic power system that could produce independent clean electricity for the home use.

Below our experience on how to choose a suitable solar panel system for your house.

1. What types of solar energy kits

The most commonly searched for type of solar energy kits are:

Grid-tied/on grid kit

These are solar panel kits designed to power a house. The most common type of kits for homes are a simple grid-tied kit. The reason is that these are the most common is that in most states there are net metering laws that give you close to retail value for excess solar energy that you export to the utility grid system during the middle of the day when your solar system.

This means that most people don’t need a battery bank to store this excess power the panels produce during the middle of the day when your house is consuming little electricity. A grid-tied kit is usually only the solar panels and the inverter. It may or may not also include the mounting hardware required to connect your solar panels to your roof or other sundry electrical equipment such as cables, glands, circuit breakers, etc. 

Off-grid kit

The second type of solar panel kits for homes are off-grid solar power kits.

There are both AC coupled and DC coupled off grid system kits. If the off grid kit is an AC coupled it will include the same equipment as a grid tied kit (solar panels and a standard DC to AC grid inverter) but also the batteries.

2. How to compare solar panel kits online

Obviously, each of the different types of solar kits described above will include different equipment. However, regardless of whether the kit is, there are differences between kits websites that are worth being aware to compare them. Notably:

  • Does the kit seller offer design advice?
  • Does the kit price include free shipping?
  • Does the kit include mounting equipment and sundry electrical?

Eco-Worthy focus on affordable solar panel system for suburbs resident

Eco-Worthy, with more than 10 years R&D in photovoltaic products, determined to provide affordable, effective and complete solar panel system for those suburbs resident. 

Through uncountable researches, designs and tests, we’ve created many reliable solar panel combinations for global customers.

Of course, systems contain all parts and necessary components for you to install a 1kw-4kw solar panel kit on your roof.

On-grid kit✔

Off-grid kit✔

Design advice✔

We provide design advice for customers who desire to make a DIY project.

Free shipping✔

Whatever on eBay, Amazon or official website, we bear ALL shipping fee for you.

Mounting equipment and sundry electrical✔

All necessary brackets and cables for each panel, each component, we’ve chosen the most appropriate equipment for your installation.



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