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All-in-one Inverter Built in 5000W 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter & 80A Controller for Off Grid System

All-in-one Inverter Built in 5000W 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter & 80A Controller for Off Grid System
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·Hybrid Inverter: The combination of 5000W 48V DC to 220V/230V AC pure sine wave inverter and 80A MPPT controller provides stable output for your appliances, reduce the wires in your solar power, more than 95% efficiency, maximize energy usage, and protects your battery from short circuit, overvoltage and under voltage, overload, reverse.
·Monitoring Module: Remote monitoring, users can monitor the status of the Solar system from the mobile phone or laptop anytime anywhere.
·Battery Charging: Compatible with most batteries, such as Lead-Acid, AGM, NCM, Flooded, Lithium batteries. Charge the 48v battery group with bulk and floating states(hybrid inverter can only works when 48v battery bank connected).
·UPS Function: Four charging modes to keep your battery's backup capacity, and three output modes to auto switch between mains and battery, supply your appliances without interrupotion by both battery&mains power.
·Applications: It's able to obtain electricity from 120-500V DC solar panel array, 50/60HZ generator and 220/230V AC mains. 5000W (10000VA in peak) power supply to air conditioner, coffeemaker, fridge and more. The package contains 5000W all-in-one solar hybrid inverter + WiFi modules.
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ECO-WORTHY All-in-one Inverter Built in 5000W 48V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter & 80A MPPT Controller is a new hybrid solar energy storage inverter control all-in-one machine integrating solar energy storage and commercial power charging energy storage and AC sine wave output. It adopts DSP control and has advanced response algorithms and high reliability through advanced control algorithms. And high industrialization standards. There are only four charging modes: solar power, city power priority, solar power priority, city power and solar power. Three output modes: Solar power priority mode, Grid power priority mode, Inverter priority mode, are available to meet different application needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
alex p.

The 5000W power is huge for my needs, and the Eco Worthy is really worthy!

Robert W LaMond
Excellent value and easy to install

Used this to add lights and charging points in my shed, easy to install, very pleased with this and would recommend

joe kubler
Great quality off grid kit

While being quarantined due to covid I decided i needed something to do in the garden, so I’ve fitted a little solar panel to my shed, attached it to an old car battery.

The quality of the kit is great and actually much better than I was expecting for the price. Paired with a remote controlled 12v switch and some 12v garden lights. I have the start of a fully solar powered garden.

I can now have the garden lights, pond pumps & fountains all powered by the sun and not have to worry about the electric bill.

Daniel Silva

I only have good experiences with the product, from the panels to the charger controller.
Also, customer service is the best I ever deal with.
100% recommended and I won't buy from anyone else.

Robert Trepeta
Works well.

Works well so far. Easy to fit. Only time will tell.