6 String PV Combiner Box with 6*10A Circuit Breakers for Solar Panel System

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ECO-WORTHY 6 String PV Combiner Box is suitable for photovoltaic grid-connected and off-grid power generation systems. 6 String Configuration, Max current of single PV input array is 10A. Each String Continuous Duty Rated at DC 250V. Single PV input array installs with high voltage fuse, its function over-load, over-charge protection. Anti-Backflow Diodes, Anti-Backflow & Anti-Reverse Protection, Touch-safe Circuit Breakers & Non-conductive Box. Professional high voltage breaker controls output, with anti-circuit protection and make the system more reliable and safety.

Key Features
PV junction box Combiner box makes install off grid multiple solar panels easier and professional.
PV array combiner box is greatly simplify input wiring of DC power distribution cabinet and controller.
Providing lightning protection, short circuit protection and grounding protection and supervision for the performance of the photovoltaic system.
Solar panel circuit breaker is well protected and gives customer safety to upgrade and reconnect power banks without any surge.

Package Includes
1x 6 String PV Combiner Box

6 String PV Combiner Box
Number of Max Connection PV Array: 6
Max Input Current of Single PV Array: 10A
Total Input Current of PV Array: 60A
Max Input Voltage of Single PV Array: 250V
Max Output Voltage: 250V
Protection Grade: IP65
Operational Environment Temperature: -30℃~+70℃
Surge Lightning Protection: Yes
Size: 10.3*12.6*4.5inch
Weight: 10.8lbs

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